Colombia elected a GREAT PROGRESSIVE after decades of right-wingers

For a very long time, Colombia has been ruled by cruel, corrupt, right-wing governments.  The U.S. has vigorously supported (and aggressively armed) those governments.

But in June 2022, Colombia’s voters elected a great progressive to be their next president.  He joins some newly elected progressives in some other Latin American nations.




On June 27, 2022, John Feffer, a very savvy writer about international affairs (who was also a guest on one of my recent TV programs) wrote:

Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez are remarkable leaders. Petro has courageously rooted out corruption and collusion between politicians and death squads. Marquez has led the struggle against illegal gold mines. Given the assassination rates for politicans and activists in Colombia, these are two very brave individuals indeed.

But as I write in my World Beat column, the election of Petro and Marquez is important not just for a new era of environmentalism and accountability in Colombia. They represent a different ecosocial trajectory for the region as a whole. Imagine a left that takes climate change, democracy, and economic justice with equal seriousness. This is the politics of the future.

READ HIS ARTICLE, “Latin America’s New Left,” HERE:



On June 20, 2022, CNN reported, “In an interview with CNN last week, Petro said he intends to renegotiate Colombia’s trade deals with the US. He also plans to open dialogue around three main issues: protection for the Amazon rainforest; ending the war on drugs; and moving the Colombian economy away from extractive projects such as fossil fuels.”  SEE THIS ARTICLE:  Colombia’s new president aims to reset relations with US



A solidarity organization posted this news:  “On June 19, 2022, for the first time in its contemporary history, Colombia makes a government shift to the political left, giving way to the ‘Government of the People, the Government of the No ones, the Government of Life,’ in the words of the President and Vice President-elect.”  READ THE ARTICLE HERE:



Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! reported this:  Surprise Election Results in Colombia Usher in a New Political Era.  READ HER ARTICLE HERE:





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