Click to sign petition against first use of nuclear weapons

Many Americans think the U.S.’s nuclear weapons are intended for our defense — to retaliate in case another nation starts to attack us.  Actually, for half a century the U.S. has designed and built nuclear weapons SPECIFICALLY to be used FIRST to BEGIN nuclear war.  The U.S. has long had a policy allowing FIRST-STRIKE to BEGIN a nuclear war.

Now — under Obama and under Trump — the U.S. is planning to build expensive new FIRST-STRIKE nuclear weapons.

Also, ever since 1945, the U.S. has allowed a president to UNILATERALLY DECIDE whether to start a nuclear war.  This VIOLATES the Constitutional requirement that ONLY CONGRESS can declare war.

The peace movement is organizing vigorously against both of those reckless policies.  Many peace organizations have started petitions that you can sign online to oppose these.  In early October 2018 one relatively new organization (Beyond the Bomb) has such a petition at  I signed it and hope you will too.  The direct link is


I signed and hope you will too.
Simply add your own name and contact info instead of mine. Then click to send.