Chicago’s people organize for a municipally owned electric utility to replace the capitalist one

We need PROFOUND DEMOCRACY in many ways.  Certainly in our political functioning, but also we need our ECONOMICS to be profoundly democratic.  We can replace capitalistic businesses with publicly owned alternatives that will serve the people as their top priority instead of exploiting people in order to serve rich stockholders.

Decades ago when Dennis Kucinich was the very young mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, he became famous nationwide by protecting Cleveland’s publicly owned electric utility from being sold to a private corporation.

My June 2019 TV program explains “Why the Public Should Own Our Electric Utilities.”  Watch the interview and/or read the thorough summary at this link:

Some people in Olympia have been organizing for the City of Olympia to buy out Puget Sound Energy’s electric utility and creating a publicly owned municipal utility for within the city limits.  See

Now a movement is afoot in eastern King County to replace Puget Sound Energy there with a Public Utility District.  See this:

Another movement is afoot in the City of Chicago.  See this informative, encouraging article: