Capitalist-owned electric utilities bribed Ohio’s powerful politicians on behalf of nuclear power plants

Decades ago people were vigorously promoting nuclear power as if it were a nearly miraculous source of energy that was promised to be so cheap that utilities would simply give it away.  Supporters actually said it would be “too cheap to meter.”

Instead, it turned out to be THE MOST HORRIBLY EXPENSIVE source of energy with HORRIBLE INEFFICIENCIES and HORRIBLE DANGERS and much corruption.  Recently some of Ohio’s top politicians were charged in criminal cases about their corruption.  Capitalist-owned utilities bribed powerful state-level politicians to do things to help their nuclear power businesses.  See 4 articles here:

— Gigantic criminal case about Ohio politician and nuclear energy:

— Ohio politicians arrested for criminal scheme to take millions of dollars for supporting nuclear power and opposing clean alternatives:

— A YEAR AFTER THIS July 2019 report, further news came out, but I could not find the link.  Here is the July 2019 article:  Ohio Republicans Balked at a Nuclear Bailout, so the Industry Elected New Republicans — and Walked Away With $1.1 Billion.  A newly elected state legislature, backed by a dark-money effort linked primarily to the nuclear industry, overcame years of opposition to pass the bailout.

There also was a scandal in Illinois:








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