California is still planning to execute an innocent man.

Kevin Cooper, who is almost certainly innocent, has been imprisoned on California’s death row for 33 years.
His cell is smaller than a typical American bathroom.
The State of California refuses to conduct modern DNA testing.

A federal judge on the 9th Circuit says Mr. Cooper is innocent, and that “the San Bernardino sheriff’s department framed him.” The evidence does not point to him at all. The same federal appeals judge also said, ““the state failed to provide Cooper a fair hearing,” that “the state obstructed and impeded Cooper and his lawyers in almost every way imaginable in denying his plea for a new hearing.”

In the interview in the article linked below, Mr. Cooper tells of his first-and experience on death row for 33 years and the previous attempt to execute him. A legal challenge stopped that just 3 hours, 42 minutes before the execution would occur.

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