Biden’s climate policy will doom us

Joe Biden has publicly agreed that the climate crisis is an EXISTENTIAL crisis.  It is so extremely serious that it is a life-or-death crisis.

However, he thinks timid steps and compromising with Republicans are sufficient.  He was Obama’s Vice President, and Obama tried for 8 years to compromise with Republicans, but Republicans absolutely refused to take reasonable steps.  Now Republicans are vigorously repealing all of the very moderate steps that Obama took.  Republicans are NOT a reasonable group to negotiate with.  Biden is utterly unrealistic to think that a policy of yielding to them will produce good results for the climate (or for any other issue.

Obama’s climate efforts were really very modest, and in many ways he promoted fossil fuels.  We wasted 8 years when Planet Earth needed bold action.  Now under Trump and the Republicans the U.S. is rushing hard in the wrong direction.  Biden is utterly unrealistic in seeking a “middle course” between what Planet Earth needs and Republican obstructionism.

See this article in which Bernie Sanders denounces the “centrist” approach: