Biden should take these smart actions toward nuclear disarmament in his first 100 days

Trump radically escalated the dangers of nuclear war.

Biden can reduce those dangers IF WE URGE BIDEN TO TAKE SMART ACTIONS.


This morning I was one of more than 400 persons who participated in a worldwide Zoom meeting conducted by the Arms Control Association (  They titled this event, “Nuclear Challenges for the Biden Administration in the First 100 Days.”

They efficiently presented a lot of information from several experts.  They recorded the Zoom event and will post it to their website reasonably soon.

Recently the Arms Control Association presented their new report, which was titled  he speakers will elaborate upon the recommendations in the new report, which has a very similar title – “Nuclear Challenges for the Biden Administration in the First 100 Days” – and is posted to their website here:

The report and this morning’s informational session covered a wide range of issues regarding nuclear weapons, including non-proliferation, New START agreement, the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA), North Korea, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, how to improve relations with Russia and China, and much more – all in just one hour and twenty minutes.

I took 3 ½ pages of notes.  I do not intend to type them up, but I could summarize them for you on the phone.  Also, you might want to visit to see their Zoom recording when they post it soon.  I recommend their report, which I linked above.




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