Biden, etc., are stuck in a manic Cold War obsession that could destroy the world in nuclear war

Biden filled his foreign policy positions with appointees who share Biden’s Cold War mania and bias in favor of militarism — instead of honest diplomacy and peace.

For example, he appointed Anthony Blinkin to be his Secretary of State.  The State Department is the federal agency in charge of directing U.S. interactions with other nations.  Presidents should appoint to that position persons who are solidly committed to peace, honest diplomacy, etc.  Biden appointed Anthony Blinkin, whose career has focused on URGING OTHER NATIONS TO BUY MILITARY WEAPONS MADE BY U.S. CORPORATIONS.  That is how Joe Biden sees the role of the U.S. State Department:  promote military violence and the Military-Industrial Complex.  Biden’s militaristic foreign policy has made U.S. weapons manufacturers very rich.

(Similarly, remember how Trump was doing everything he could for Big Oil, so he appointed as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who had been the head of Exxon-Mobil, because Trump wanted U.S. foreign policy to focus on helping Big Oil do whatever it wanted to do worldwide.)

Biden and several of his top people have PUBLICLY SAID they want to continue the Ukraine War as a way to weaken or even defeat Russia.  This is EXTREMELY STUPID and EXTREMELY CRAZY:

1. Has their Cold War obsession distorted their thinking so much that they REALLY think Putin would surrender to the U.S. in a conventional war without launching any nuclear weapons?

2.  Russia and the U.S. each has thousands of nuclear weapons that could destroy almost all life on earth.  Do Biden and his top people think a “limited” exchange of nuclear weapons would remain “limited”?  Any nuclear exchange would ALMOST CERTAINLY ESCALATE TO GLOBAL DESTRUCTION, because neither Russia nor the U.S. would want to lose to the other.

3. Most Democrats — and most mainstream news media — support this mad rush to war.

4. Many Republicans obediently follow Trump’s willingness to be subservient to Russia and Putin.  They are not a reasonable alternative.

5. Some sensible people are urging a CEASEFIRE and NEGOTIATIONS.  We must promote these, even though almost nobody with political power wants to stop the suicidal rush to war.  The peace movement must reach out to the public, the religious community, the media, the government, and other sectors with a BOLD CALL FOR PEACE.













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