Besides the rising suicide rates, Americans are dying from DESPAIR

I have been reading articles lately saying that — even before the Coronavirus pandemic caused even more stress — suicide rates in the U.S. have been increasing.  Working class people and small farmers are under extreme financial stresses.  Many other systemic problems have been worsening.

Now with the Coronavirus pandemic, suicides are increasing even more.

But EVEN BEFORE that, I was also reading articles saying people are dying from DESPAIR.

This article linked below came from January 2020.  The article includes this paragraph:

U.S. life expectancy dropped three years in a row, America’s suicide rate is at a record high, millions struggle with opioid addictions, and workers with multiple part-time jobs battle hopelessness. None of this occurred by chance. Diseases of despair soared as corporations sold out the American worker for higher profits.

Here is the article:


We need to UNDERSTAND THE CAUSES of escalating despair.

We need to fix MANY, MANY aspects of our society.