Ancient Chinese philosophers predicted Trump’s disruptions of earth’s climate!

Some ancient Chinese philosophers — especially the Taoists, but others too — emphasized the need for moderation, harmony, etc., rather than greed or arrogance or violence.  My readings of Taoism show how far the U.S. is away from “the good life” of peace and harmony and public well-being.

I’ve been reading books about ancient Chinese philosophy.  Just now I read that in about the 3rd or 4th century BC, some Chinese philosophers I the “Grand Norm” school of thought identified what are referred to as “various indications.”  The book I’m reading (citation below) says:

“These are rain, sunshine, heat, cold, wind, and seasonableness.  When these five come fully and in their regular order, the various plants will be rich and luxuriant.  If there is extreme excess in any of them, disaster follows.”

The next two sentences made me think about Trump, the fossil fuel companies, the climate deniers, their greed and hubris, and their contempt for Mother Nature and sustainability:

“The following are the favorable indications:  the solemnity of the sovereign will be followed by seasonable rain; his regularity, by seasonable sunshine; his intelligence, by seasonable heat; his deliberation, by seasonable cold; his wisdom, by seasonable wind.  The following are the unfavorable indications:  the madness of the sovereign will be followed by steady rain; his insolence, by steady sunshine; his idleness, by steady heat; his haste, by steady cold; his ignorance by steady wind.”

Page 132 of Fung Yu-Lan’s A Short History of Chinese Philosophy published in 1948 in Toronto, Canada, by the Macmillan Company

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