Adults as well as youths should strike for the climate on FRI. SEPT. 20, 2019

Bill McKinnon urging us to strike for the climate on Sept. 20, 2019:

Calls for maximum adult participation in the young people’s climate strikes:

A 17-year-old climate justice activist admits to being “terrified of what the future holds if we remain on our current carbon trajectory.  The climate crisis looms over every single decision I make, and impedes any and all plans I try to make for the future. I have never known a time in my life where life on earth as we know it wasn’t coming to an end thanks to the climate crisis. It’s time for adults to join us, and help us with this immense weight we are carrying. We the youth are calling on people of all ages to join in — and we need all of us to heed the call to action.

This teenager says:  On September 20th, millions of people of all ages around the world will walk out of their classes, jobs, and homes as part of a Global Climate Strike. Will you join them?  SEE THIS LINK for information and a short video: