Act Now: Tell Congress to Impeach Bolton

The excellent non-profit organization “Win Without War” ( promotes bold and principled information and efforts for peace.

On April 11, 2019, they started urging people to impeach John Bolton for several reasons.

See this information and a link to tell Congress to impeach Bolton:

This week marks John “Bomb ‘Em” Bolton’s one year anniversary as White House National Security Adviser. And in just a year, ultra-hawk Bolton has destroyed multiple, vital international treaties, and is dragging us inches from two wars of choice with Venezuela and Iran.

But John Bolton is not a permanent fixture. In fact, he is impeachable.

And we could be the ones to push for his impeachment. If we can show there is urgent political will from people across the country to end John Bolton’s war-mongering reign, the U.S. House of Representatives could begin the official impeachment process.

Tell Congress: Bolton is a dangerous warmonger and we must impeach him!


Here is more information from the organization:

From engineering the devastating Iraq War, to stoking the flames of war with Venezuela now — John Bolton’s track record does not look good:
• Just last week, whistleblowing news broke that John Bolton is one of 25 people in White House whose security clearances were actually denied, but passed through by the Trump administration anyway.
• Bolton exploded Trump’s Korean peace talks.
• Bolton dangerously pulled the U.S. out of the Iran Deal and the INF treaty.
• Bolton suddenly ordered the Pentagon to draw up war plans to attack Iran after an incident near the U.S. embassy in Baghdad earlier this year.
• He is leading the charge to dismantle international accountability for war crimes by attacking investigators at the International Criminal Court.

John Bolton is a reactionary, warmongering, extreme hawk and he has to go.

And we just might be able to make that happen. If we make enough noise, a member of Congress can order a petition of impeachment and set the ball rolling on getting John Bolton out of the White house. So let’s get loud.

CLICK THIS LINK TO tell Congress: Bolton is a dangerous warmonger and we must impeach him: