Abolish the federal “debt ceiling.” It’s a Republican scam to prevent funding to solve problems.

Whenever Congress is asked to fund activities that would help ordinary people (health care, education, anti-poverty programs, etc.), Republicans object on the grounds that we can’t afford to pay for them.

But they ALWAYS support funding the horribly huge military budget — and tax cuts for rich people and big businesses — and NEVER ask how we would pay for those.

For example, in December 2022, Congress just passed $858 billion military budget, but the GOP is blocking $12 billion to fight child poverty

Republicans refused to even consider proposals to revive the Child Tax Credit expansion that lifted millions of kids out of poverty last year — even though bringing the program back would cost a fraction of the Pentagon outlay. Republicans are not — and never have been — the party of “family values,” folks.  See this:  https://www.commondreams.org/news/2022/12/17/congress-just-passed-858-billion-military-budget-gop-blocking-12-billion-fight-child


Every year they use the “debt ceiling” as a political gimmick to prevent funding for good things — while they continue funding bad things and cutting taxes.

The debt ceiling is a SCAM — A HORRIBLE, DECEITFUL SCAM — by Republicans to prevent you from funding solutions to our nation’s problems.  But every year the Democrats let Republicans jerk around the Democrats — and the American people — because of the “debt ceiling.”  The U.S. must pay its bills, so — because Republicans keep allowing rich people and big businesses to avoid paying their fair share of taxes — the U.S. must increase the debt every year.  But the “debt ceiling” is NOT part of the Constitution.  It is merely a POLITICAL GIMMICK that allows Republicans to hold hostage the spending that we need.


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wants to abolish it.

Congress has ALREADY APPROPRIATED THE FUNDING, but Republicans threaten to REFUSE TO PAY THE BILLS that Congress has already spent.  If the government defaults on its debt, the economic fallout could be catastrophic.



BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES approved $858 Billion for the MILITARY, but Republicans are PREVENTING the government from using a few billion dollars to help children climb out of poverty!!!  The Child Tax Credit had cut child poverty by more than 40%, but it expired, and the Republicans REFUSE to expand and extend it. 

See this:  https://truthout.org/articles/gop-blocks-funding-to-cut-child-poverty-after-approving-858-billion-for-defense/?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=2d15ac4c-c8de-41f0-b27f-3d4ef932f750