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Info resources about divesting from fossil fuels

October 15, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

I’ve been working on this for more than a decade.  In 2014 I compiled this list of easy-to-read factual resources.  Many more exist now.  These are likely to still be valid.  My e-mail address changed from what’s on this page.  My current e-mail is      

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Young People’s Bold Lawsuits to Protect the Climate

October 12, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

Young People’s Bold Lawsuits to Protect the Climate   Europe:  2021 to September 2023: 6 Portuguese Youth Are Suing 33 Countries to Speed Up Climate Action:  The European Human Rights Court will hear the suit, which aims to hasten climate action by governments.  Published September 27, 2023: United Nations Strengthens Children’s Rights To Fight Climate Change In Court:  Posted in September 2023: and These Youth Climate Activists Are Taking Europe to Court:  “It’s a human rights issue.” December 2021:  Portuguese Teenagers Take 33 European Governments to Court:   U.S.:  2023: Biden Administration Tried to Block […]

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How to Communicate Your Issues to the General Public

October 2, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

The October 2023 TV program in the “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” series provides a wealth of information, insights, and practical ways for you to strengthen your skills and strategies, so you will be more effective in reaching out to the public and decision-making bodies so you can achieve the goals you want for the issues you care about. It’s not enough for us to merely accumulate more information and talk among ourselves.  In order to achieve our goals for the issues we care about, we need to change public opinion and build a strong, smart movement from the grassroots up to […]

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CALENDAR — Local Activities + Online Opportunities in October 2023

October 1, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

I compiled a big calendar for all of October 2023. It includes in-person events in greater Olympia WA area and many online opportunities.   See the big calendar at this link: CALENDAR — 2023 OCTOBER   A few times each month I plan to continue posting new calendar items on a wide variety of issues. Look for these blog posts.  Please forward the links to your friends. We can make a lot of progress.