The U.S. should NEVER start a nuclear war! Urge Congress to support the “No First Use” legislation. HOUSE: H.R. 669 and H.R. 921. SENATE: S. 200 and S. 272.

The U.S. Constitution EXPLICITLY REQUIRES that ONLY Congress can declare war.  However, since 1945 presidents have claimed the de facto power to start the most horribly destructive war possible WITHOUT the congressional approval that the Constitution REQUIRES.

Furthermore, Congress has been VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION since 1945 by allowing that unconstitutional power to persist.

We must restore the Constitution – especially now during the Trump era.

Two “No First Use” bills were introduced in the previous congressional session, and they have been reintroduced now with the same bill numbers.  PLEASE URGE CONGRESS TO SUPPORT S. 200 and H.R. 669.  These are “companion” bills in the Senate and House that would solve the problem.

Senator Markey and Rep. Lieu introduced these pieces of legislation in the Senate and House (respectively) that would limit Trump’s (or any subsequent president’s) ability to launch nuclear weapons. Their legislation would prohibit any U.S. President from launching a nuclear first strike without a declaration of war by Congress.

NOW ANOTHER PAIR OF COMPANION BILLS in the Senate and House have been introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Representative Adam Smith (D in WA 9th Cong. Dist.).  PLEASE URGE CONGRESS TO SUPPORT THEIR BILLS ALSO:  S. 272 and H.R. 921.

If you live in WA, please urge Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell to co-sponsor and vigorously support S. 200 AND S. 272.

Sen. Murray: (202) 224-2621 in Washington DC or toll-free 866-481-9186 or (206) 553-5545 in Seattle or through her website

Sen. Cantwell: (202) 224-3441 in Washington DC or toll-free 888-648-7328 or (206) 220-6400 in Seattle or through her website


If you’re in the WA 10th Cong. Dist., please urge Representative Denny Heck to co-sponsor H.R. 921.  (He already co-sponsored H.R. 669.)  Urge him to work vigorously to pass both bills.

(202) 225-9740 in Washington DC or (360) 459-8514 in his Lacey WA office.  E-mail him through his website,






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