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How are the issues YOU care about doing nowadays?

Many people feel frustrated that peace, social and economic justice, the environment and climate, and other vital goals are left behind by “politics-as-usual.”

When “the system” keeps failing to solve the real problems, YOU can work with other people to ORGANIZE NONVIOLENT GRASSROOTS MOVEMENTS to make progress on issues YOU care about!

Sign up now for 6 FREE online workshops to empower you and provide insights, strategies and resources to help you win!

Governments, big businesses, mainstream media, and other entrenched entities will do what we want ONLY WHEN a strong nonviolent grassroots movement forces them to do what is needed — or when we creatively work around them to accomplish good goals despite their obstinacy.

Recent history has proved this many times.  (In the 1960s Congress passed civil rights legislation only because the Civil Rights Movement forced them to.  Grassroots organizing against nuclear weapons forced the U.S. government to enact several treaties in the 1960s.  President Obama opposed LGBTQ rights to marriage until the grassroots movement forced him to support equal rights.  The list goes on and on.)

I’m offering again my series of 6 FREE ONLINE workshops on Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing so YOU can empower yourself with insights, strategies, and practical ways to MAKE SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS on issues YOU care about.

I’m offering each workshop twice each week, so you may CHOOSE:
  • EITHER 6 Sundays afternoons Nov. 15 to Dec. 20 (1:30-3:30 pm Pacific Time)
  • OR 6 Monday evenings Nov. 16 to Dec. 21 (6:30-8:30 pm Pacific Time)
If you have a scheduling conflict on any day, you may take that week’s workshop on the other day that week.

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6 practical workshops on Grassroots Organizing — Nov-Dec 2020 — FLYER

People ANYWHERE can use Zoom video to take these 6 workshops.
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For EVERY issue you care about (peace, climate, economics, democracy, social justice, human rights, etc.), the REAL SOLUTIONS will come when people organize nonviolently and strategically at the grassroots.

ALL OF US — new people, experienced organizers, and everybody in between — can STRENGTHEN OUR SKILLS and add resources to our “toolboxes” so we can make more progress in working on our issues.

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