I offer a 6-session workshop series on “Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing”

Nonviolence is more than ethical.  It is very practical too.

Our community, nation and world have serious problems that can be solved only by Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing.

Therefore, I’m offering a practical series of 6 interactive workshops with plenty of handouts.

These workshops can empower you and others to organize nonviolently at the grassroots to solve problems and make our world a better place.

The participants could be interested in a variety of issues, or I could adapt the series to focus on one issue (e.g., abolishing nuclear weapons, or creating universal single-payer health care, or raising the minimum wage to $15).

Locally, I could present 1 2-hour session a week for 6 consecutive weeks.

Out of town, I could present 3 2-hour sessions one day and the other 3 a week later.

See information at this flyer:6 workshops on NV Grassroots Organizing — FLYER