BLOG: Trump has SEVERE psychiatric disabilities. Here are links to several articles.

Article #1:  Bully-in-chief: Experts say Trump’s ‘antisocial personality disorder’ fits a pattern.

I have read a number of articles in which experts in psychology and psychiatry explain Trumps mental illness. This article does a good job and points out some interesting political aspects.

While mental illness is not an impeachable offense, the 25th Amendment is a remedy. I am interested in that too, but that’s a long shot because the leadership for using that remedy would have to come from people close to Trump.


Article #2:  Yale psychiatrist predicts Trump’s ‘disgrace and downfall.’

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Article #3:  Trump’s mental health — World Mental Health Coalition

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Article #4:  A psychiatrist reveals the fascinating reason Trump surrounds himself with liars – and the dark origins of his own deceit

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