Republicans actively planning to hurt Social Security, Medicare, etc.

This was posted by Americans for Tax Fairness ( on June 22, 2023:


Republicans claimed throughout the debt-ceiling debate that they had no intention of cutting Social Security and Medicare, even as they attacked other critical services for working families.

Now, 175 representatives who are members of the right-wing Republican Study Committee, have introduced their own budget that does exactly that:

  • Cutting Social Security by raising the retirement age
  • Privatizing Medicare, replacing guaranteed coverage with a coupon
  • Raising drug prices by eliminating Medicare’s ability to negotiate with pharmaceutical corporations, and
  • Slashing funding for other critical programs

All without raising a single penny of additional taxes from the rich and corporations!


This right-wing budget reflects the views of more than three-quarters of House Republicans and breaks the agreement made during the debt crisis between Kevin McCarthy and President Biden that was meant to protect Social Security, Medicare, and many other critical programs and services.

Instead of cutting Social Security and Medicare, the American people want to expand these critical programs by making the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes.








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