WATCH NOW: Here is a blistering critique of the political worldview that is hurting the U.S.

On Thursday evening October 11 I produced the November 2018 episode of the TV program for my series “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives.”  I call this episode Choose a Better Worldview to Build a Better World – Part 1.  It focuses mostly on the problems.  Part 2, the December program, will focus more on solutions.

Parts 1 and 2 of this program explains that the worldview that is currently dominating the U.S.’s political, economic and social systems (greed, corruption, cruelty, oppression, and so forth) is terribly destruction.  Instead, we need the opposite worldview that would be humane, compassionate, peaceful, fair to everyone and environmentally sustainable.  Part 1 (November 2018) focuses mostly on the problems.  Part 2 (December) will focus mostly on solutions.

Although Part 1’s TCTV debut will occur on November 1, people ANYWHERE can ALREADY watch it ANYTIME by clicking this link: WATCH “Choose a Better Worldview to Build a Better World

Before the end of October I will post a very thorough essay that includes all of what I said during the TV program — plus much more information — plus many links to additional sources of information.

The end of the VERY BRIEF SUMMARY at the following link lists dates and times when Thurston County WA’s people with cable TV will be able to watch it on TCTV cable channel 22 starting on November 1.

For now, you can read this VERY BRIEF SUMMARY of the program:  BLOG POST — November 2018 — BRIEF SUMMARY of TCTV program for blog post