TV: “Why Universal Single-Payer Health Care Is the Real Solution”

The health care crisis is so timely now that the Olympia FOR’s August 2017’s program is the one we had aired during December 2015.

Although Obama’s Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) helped in some ways, it has failed to cover many millions of Americans and failed to control costs. Republicans are trying to repeal the ACA for right-wing reasons. The real solution is universal single-payer health care, which other modern countries use to produce far better results at far lower cost. Olympia FOR’s August 2017 TV program – also watchable through our website – proposes universal single-payer as the real remedy for Americans’ lack of access to affordable, high quality health care.

Our guest is Dr. Sarah K. Weinberg. She knows a lot about the problems, and she has been working for universal single-payer health care as the best solution. She has worked very hard with two non-profit organizations, Health Care for All – Washington and Physicians for a National Health Program. We list websites for these two organizations and other resources at the end of our TV program and the description posted at our website.

During our interview we:
• Compare access to health care, affordability, and actual health outcomes between the U.S. and other nations
• Summarize how some other countries achieve health care
• Propose how a system could work in the U.S.
• Identify accomplishments and serious shortcomings of the ACA (“Obamacare”), and why the ACA was designed to be so weak and inefficient
• Explain how insurance companies are obstacles to solving our nation’s health care problems
• Explain the basic concept and functioning of universal single-payer and why this would be the real solution
• Debunk myths about American health care, misconceptions about single-payer, and some political and cultural obstacles that make it hard to adopt universal single-payer
• Support single-payer’s grassroots movements, constituencies, organizations, and national legislation, and Washington State legislation
• Discuss how to inform the public and build more grass-roots support for single-payer
• Provide information sources (a short video, two books, and links to non-profit organizations)

Excellent sources of information include:

Health Care for All – Washington
(707) 742-3292 = 7077-HCFAWA

Physicians for a National Health Program

This was Olympia FOR’s August 2017 TV program.  It is still timely now after having aired also as our December 2015 TV program.

To watch the interview, CLICK HERE.

To read a thorough summary of what we said, CLICK: Program Description — Universal Single-Payer

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