Even before the 2016 election many people were recognizing that Trump had serious psychological problems.  Since then a growing number of psychologists and psychiatrists have been alerting us that Trump’s psychiatric problems have been getting more serious and now are a very serious threat to the U.S. and to the entire world.

His utter incompetence has caused him to fail in many, many ways.  When people fail to follow his reckless and ridiculous orders — and when people push back against his dictatorial behaviors — he feels personally “cornered” and his psychiatric problems worsen, so he escalates his dangerous behaviors.

This is a horrible situation for the world when he has so much power — and has grabbed much more power than the Constitution has allowed — and when his finger is on the nuclear weapons button.

These articles need our attention — and our efforts to IMPEACH HIM and USE THE 25th AMENDMENT to remove him from office:


Psychiatrist warns Trump may be ‘at significant risk for deteriorating into full-blown psychosis’

How much more evidence from Trump’s behavior do we need that TRUMP IS HORRIBLY INSANE?
How many more assessments from psychologists and psychologists do we need?
We must IMPEACH him for his many serious crimes and many violations of the Constitution.
We must USE THE 25th Amendment to REMOVE HIM from office because HE IS MENTALLY UNFIT.

Here is yet one more assessment from a psychiatrist:


The 9-minute video here is very powerful. ‘He’s empty’: Psychiatrist warns Trump is in a ‘psychotic-like state.’

Here is more evidence that we need to use the 25th Amendment.
Be sure to watch the very powerful 9-minute video here, along with the brief article.


A psychiatrist urges invoking the Constitution’s 25th Amendment because of trump’s serious mental impairment.

Some of the U.S.’s top intelligence officials also discussed the need to invoke the 25th Amendment.  The article linked below quotes a psychiatrist who said:  “He is impulsive, belligerent, grandiose, careless, hypersensitive to slights and criticism, and seems unable to distinguish fantasy from reality. These dangerous signs have become more apparent with every passing week of his presidency.”


Trump is not able to tolerate reality.  See this information:

I sent the article linked below to some friends, including a doctor who replied to me, “I’ve been following with alarm the deterioration in this man’s mental state, and the writings of this psychiatrist’s observations.  What is alarming is that as clinicians we know that profoundly insecure and narcissistic individuals become more dangerous as the world closes in around them. So Trump is becoming more
dangerous, and the nuclear issue weighs heavily on me, as it has since the North Korea crisis earlier this year.”  My doctor friend urging us to “fully engage the political system to do everything we can as citizens to establish obstacles to his power….”

The article about Trump’s inability to tolerate reality is titled, “Trump Is ‘Unable to Tolerate Reality’: Yale Psychiatrist Makes the Case That the President’s Mental State Is Getting Worse.”  The author of bestseller “Dangerous Case” says an urgent intervention “was indicated long ago.”  After explaining the problems with Trump’s deteriorating psychiatric problems, the article says Trump is getting increasingly likely to use nuclear weapons.  HERE IS THE ARTICLE:


Distinguished shrinks agree that Trump is mentally unraveling.


Trump is a psychopath.  Remove him from office.


For TWO DAYS a psychiatrist briefed Congress about Trump’s mental state.



I have more articles about this topic.  I might post them at another time.





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