Solid info + smart insights: Psychoanalyst says Trump’s ‘mental pathology’ means he ‘hates reality.’

The quotations I have included here include some links to source materials.  Those links are live in the full article, which I have linked at the end of this blog post.

The article I have linked at the end of this post starts with this paragraph:

Donald Trump is a living, breathing national emergency. Our president has repeatedly encouraged violence against his perceived enemies — and at least some of his supporters are following his lead. These are not isolated incidents. There are dozens of court cases where Donald Trump has been cited for “inspiring” acts of violence and other crimes. There are also the most odious examples such as the recent white supremacist terror attack in El Paso in which the alleged mass murderer wrote an online “manifesto” that almost verbatim channeled Trump’s threatening rhetoric towards nonwhite people.

The third paragraph says this:

Donald Trump has publicly lied more than 12,000 times since becoming president, an average of 13 lies a day. These lies have created a cult-like alternate reality for Trump and his supporters.

The article goes on from there, based on an interview with a very prominent psychoanalyst, and it includes a 27-minute video with excerpts from their interview.

The article says many things we already know, but it makes a compelling case, and it raises new insights in its second half. Midway through the article, it says Trump is an enemy of reality, and it includes this excerpt:

When Donald Trump talks about “fake news,” that is a type of projection. Trump is the one who is fake — Trump really believes that anybody who criticizes him is fake. Trump also projects his own dishonesty and fakeness onto the press and the news media in general.

This article deserves to be read by many people and circulated further:




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