SIGN UP NOW for a fascinating, informative 4-session ONLINE VIDEO course: “Nuclear Weapons Nowadays: What You Can Know and Do”

The Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons invites you to SIGN UP NOW for our fascinating, informative, empowering 4-session course through Zoom video on your computers for people ANYWHERE in the nation!

The course title is, “Nuclear Weapons Nowadays: What You Can Know and Do.”

The Cold War ended three decades ago, but nuclear weapons have persisted ever since and remain a threat to the world. Many recent and current actions by the U.S. government have sharply increased the danger of nuclear war in the “new Cold War,” so now the “Doomsday Clock” is the closest to midnight it has ever been, since it was devised in 1953.

However, most Americans do not want to think about nuclear weapons. This course helps everybody:
• This course helps people who do care by providing updated information and opportunities to help solve the problems.
• This course helps people who have not yet begun opposing nuclear weapons to overcome inertia, inform themselves, and see what they can do.

This course will provide necessary information about the ongoing nuclear operations and current threats. We create a supportive environment that allows people to connect and inform themselves. While some information may be frightening, other information provides opportunities to help solve the problems.

Join us to learn about this existential threat – and how you can help to abolish nuclear weapons. “Nuclear Weapons Nowadays: What You Can Know and Do” is a 4-session course (2 hours each) designed and presented by four knowledgeable persons who are active in the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

The course addresses topics that include:

• The development of nuclear weapons over the years since the 1940s
• Testing in the U.S. and elsewhere, including harms to people
• An overview of nuclear weapons’ use, proliferation, and public policies – including new escalations
• Peace movement efforts and successes
• Treaties that achieved some successes – and new threats to treaties and diplomacy
• Grassroots empowerment, including our personal feelings and possible nonviolent actions.

Nuclear weapons are frightening, but ordinary people have nonviolently opposed them with some successes, and people who inform and empower themselves can accomplish much more. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the scary realities, we can learn what we need to know and empower ourselves to support the positive efforts that are happening at the global, national and local levels.

We will e-mail to the registrants some very informative, fascinating handout readings for each class session, and we expect people to read at least some of them.

We offer this course FREE of charge!

The course is presented by:

• Glen Anderson, chair of the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (OCANW)
• Mark Fleming, Secretary of Olympia’s Rachel Corrie Chapter #109 of the Veterans for Peace
• James Manista, peace activist/organizer in both Cleveland and Olympia
• Joanne Dufour, originator of Disarming Our Planet blog included on

The four 2-hour sessions run on two schedules (Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings), so you may choose EITHER sequence, so if you miss one class session you can do a “make-up” session on the other day:

TUESDAY EVENINGS July 7, 14, 21 and 28. We’ll start promptly at 6 pm (Pacific), 7 pm (Mountain), 8 pm (Central) and 9 pm (Eastern).

SATURDAY DAYTIMES July 11, 18 and 25, and August 1. We’ll start promptly at 10 am (Pacific), 11 am (Mountain), 12 noon (Central) and 1 pm (Eastern).


1. Choose either the Tuesday sequence or the Saturday sequence. Both will cover the same material.
2. Send an e-mail to JOANNE DUFOUR at In the e-mail SUBJECT line type “OCANW course on Nuclear Weapons.” Please provide your name, e-mail address and phone number. We will e-mail you the Zoom meeting ID number and password. Alternatively, you may also call Joanne at 206-550-1841 and give the same information as above.

We hope you will join us!