More about Trump’s blatantly racist, xenophobic, partisan “citizenship” question in 2020 census

Recently I posted several news items — and action alerts — about Trump’s decision to add a question on the 2020 census asking about each person’s citizenship.  That post explained why it is blatantly racist, xenophobic and partisan.  See that post at this link:

Now here are two more news items:


#1:  A lawsuit was filed to stop the “citizenship” question.  A judge said the case can move ahead because there is enough evidence that the “citizenship question” could illegally discriminate.  Here is the link to an article about this progress in that lawsuit:


#2:  A great non-profit organization that e-mails people with “action alerts” has done that to invite people to send messages objecting to the “citizenship” question.  Moms Rising ( sent this to invite YOU to send a message:

It’s critical that the U.S. Census gets an accurate headcount of everyone in the United States, but — here’s the bad news: The Trump Administration is using the upcoming U.S. Census as a backdoor attack on immigrant communities by adding a discriminatory question related to citizenship, with the goal of discouraging participation and threatening the accuracy of the count.  But it’s not too late to stop the addition of this question! We have a chance to stop this from happening by adding our voices to the public comments.  Submit a public comment telling the U.S. Secretary of Commerce: No discriminatory questions on the Census!  Here is the link: