Many TV programs are at

This blog’s “TV Programs” section lists programs I’ve produced and hosted for the TV series I created for programs starting in January 2018 for my new TV series (“Glen’s Parallax Perspectives”).  This new series covers the same range of issues that we had covered through the programs I produced and hosted for the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation from February 1987 through December 2017.  The last decade or so of those programs are posted at the “TV Programs” part of in chronological order.  Many of them are also copied onto my new blog (, where you are now) in the specific topic categories (e.g., Nonviolence or Climate or Nuclear Weapons).

I hope you will enjoy watching the programs.  Also, some of those program listings also include documents in Word and/or .pdf format, summarizing  what we said during those interviews.  Many of those summaries include lists of sources of further information.