COMING SOON: “A New Dawn for Guatemala?”

Soon we will produce the August 2018 episode of “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV program. It will air on TCTV cable channel 22 three times a week throughout August.  But by approximately July 22 you’ll be able to watch it — and/or read a thorough summary of what we said — through a post on this blog.  The interview will include an 18-minute video about the topic.

The program will inform you about an interesting and inspiring community in Guatemala where refugees from the previous dictatorship have settled into a new community. These people are empowering themselves at the grassroots to meet their needs for education, clean water, social justice and democracy.

About 300-400 people live in Nuevo Amanecer, the Spanish words for “New Dawn.” The community was founded in 1998 by refugees who had fled the genocide and “scorched-earth” campaign of the 1980s and 1990s. The U.S. funded and trained Guatemala’s brutal military to commit those crimes.
In early June 2018 a volcano erupted, so now the world’s people noticed Guatemala. But this was only brief and superficial awareness. The brutal realities in Guatemala had long existed, but the rest of the world paid little attention. Now the “New Dawn” community of Nuevo Amanecer is making bold grassroots progress for self-empowerment and social justice.

During this hour we will learn a lot about this inspiring example.  I interview Joe Szwaja, who volunteers with New Dawn Guatemala, a Seattle-based non-profit organization that supports Nuevo Amanecer. We will learn a lot from – and be inspired by – Joe Szwaja, who has been working vigorously and skillfully as a volunteer with them.  He has a long background volunteering for solidarity work related to international communities struggling for peace, human rights and democracy. I interviewed him for my August 2005 TV program about the SW Pacific Ocean nation of East Timor, which had been violently abused by Indonesia and the U.S.  He has worked skillfully as a high school teacher and has done other positive work to make our world a better place.

Our TV interview will include a new 18-minute video about Nuevo Amanecer, the Guatemalan community.  You can watch that video already at this link:  VIDEO ABOUT NUEVO AMANECER