Tell Congress to ABOLISH the agency that runs the military draft

January 8, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

The U.S. law creating the military draft was passed in 1940.  It has oppressed generations of young Americans.  Now we have the opportunity to REPEAL THE LAW and abolish the Selective Service System, the federal agency that runs the military draft. In April 2019 I posted to my blog this information: The government accepted public comments until September 30, 2019.  Here is some information about that.  The U.S. National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service invited comments.  Many people made points such as these: 1. Stop requiring men to register for the draft. 2. Do not extend that […]

A new online course — “War Abolition 101” — begins on January 13, 2020. SIGN UP NOW.

December 8, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

One of the great peace organizations that is not very well known is “World BEYOND War.”  They organize by bringing together to understand and educate other people that WAR IS NOT NECESSARY.  WE CAN INDEED ABOLISH WAR.  They are a global network of volunteers, activists, and allied organizations advocating for actually abolishing the very institution of war.  See much information at  Sign up for their fascinating e-mail list. Many people do not even know that WE CAN ABOLISH WAR.  But even many peace supporters do not know how to change from the war-making that is embedded into our government, […]

Why the national Democratic Party keeps losing — and will likely lose again in 2020

November 30, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

Here is how democracy is supposed to work:  People with their “ear to the ground” listen to what the voters want.  They campaign for office with platforms promising to accomplish what the voters want. Most of the 2020 presidential candidates are NOT doing that.  Several of the front-runners (Biden, Buttigieg, and other “centrists” — who are really conservatives) are running for President by INSISTING that voters can NOT have what they want!!! Voters want to get big money out of politics, but the national Democratic Party and the “centrists” fall short. Voters want HEALTH CARE FOR EVERYBODY, but the most […]

House Democrats are EXONERATING Trump and ENCOURAGING him to escalate his abuses!

November 16, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

The Democratic Party and its various fundraising fronts keep sending e-mails that ONLY PRETEND to call for impeaching Trump. Actually, House Democrats and other parts of the institutional Democratic Party are SO TERRIBLY TIMID that they are REFUSING TO IMPEACH for 99% of Trump’s impeachable offenses! EVERY DAY since January 2017 Trump has VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION’s EXPLICIT PROHIBITION against “emoluments” (using his presidential powers to enrich himself, but PELOSI, Schiff, and the House Democrats are GIVING TRUMP A FREE RIDE on that! KIDNAPPING TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN FROM THEIR FAMILIES are TENS OF THOUSANDS OF COUNTS OF SERIOUIS FELONIES, […]