Bernie Sanders proposes a $16 TRILLION Green New Deal — and proposes how to pay for it

August 24, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

The climate crisis is extremely serious. Modest efforts (like nearly all Democrats tolerate) will NOT be enough! The cost of doing nothing will be HORRIBLE for our quality of life, for the survival of humans and our civilization, and for the economy.  (Some people don’t care about the first items here, but damage to the economy might get their attention. Bernie Sanders proposes cutting the military budget in order to fund the Green New Deal.  The military FAILS to protect us, but the Green New Deal is absolutely necessary for our protection — and our “national security” if you want […]

Mueller Report — Two documents

August 22, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

See these two documents from 2019 explaining the Mueller Report: Mueller Report Summary Vol I – Conspiracy06012019 Mueller Report Summary Vol II- Obstruction06012019      

Even more evidence that Trump is far, far too crazy to be president

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A psychiatrist warned that Trump is in a “psychotic-like state” and “he’s empty.”  Read this interview and watch the powerful 9-minute video.  The Constitution’s 25th Amendment creates a way for high-ranking federal officials to remove a president who is physically or mentally unfit to serve, but this article and the video do not address it.  Thoughtful people can pursue that along with impeachment for Trump’s many crimes and his many violations of the Constitution.  Many of those are rooted in his extreme craziness. Here is the article:     Evangelicals told Trump he was ‘chosen’ by God. Now he […]

Some Democratic presidential candidates are funded by billionaires, but not all are.

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Recently Kamala Harris declined to participate with other presidential candidates in a climate debate because she wanted to use that time to attend a fundraising event featuring EXTREMELY RICH people.  Public blowback forced her to change her mind about that. The article at the following link says, “Buttigieg Has 24 Billionaire Donors. Harris Has 17. Biden Has 13. Sanders Has None.”  The article’s first three paragraphs say: “A recent analysis of Federal Election Commission (FEC) records found that there were 67 billionaire donors giving to 2020 Democratic candidates. “And out of all 20 candidates who debated in Detroit, Michigan last […]

This smart, short video explains why top executives’ income has grown much, much more than workers’ pay – and how we can reduce that gross inequality.

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Robert Reich (a previous administration’s Secretary of the Department of Labor) has continued to pay close attention to public policy issues, especially related to economics and political fairness.  He wrote this: Average CEO pay at big corporations topped 14.5 million dollars in 2018. That’s after an increase of $5.2 million per CEO over the past decade, while the average worker’s pay has increased just 7,858 dollars over the decade. Just to catch up to what their CEO made in 2018 alone, it would take the typical worker 158 years. This explosion in CEO pay relative to the pay of average […]

Candidates Must Commit to Immediate US Withdrawal From Afghanistan

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This article’s lead paragraph reports this: On July 30, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan reported that the Afghan government and international military forces, primarily the United States, caused most of the civilian deaths in Afghanistan during the first six months of 2019. That’s more killings than those perpetrated in the same time period by the Taliban and ISIS combined.      

Urge Congress to pass “No First Use” legislation to prohibit starting a nuclear war — and other bills opposing nuclear weapons!

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SUPPORT the “No First Use” bills: The U.S. Constitution explicitly states that only Congress can declare war, but since 1945 presidents have claimed the de facto power to start the most horribly destructive war possible without any congressional approval, and Congress has allowed that unconstitutional power to persist. We must restore the Constitution – especially now during the Trump era. • S.200 and H.R. 669 are companion bills. • S. 272 and H.R. 921 are companion bills. Senator Markey and Rep. Lieu introduced Senate and House legislation (S. 200 and H.R. 669) that would limit Trump’s (or any subsequent president’s) […]

Solid info + smart insights: Psychoanalyst says Trump’s ‘mental pathology’ means he ‘hates reality.’

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The quotations I have included here include some links to source materials.  Those links are live in the full article, which I have linked at the end of this blog post. The article I have linked at the end of this post starts with this paragraph: Donald Trump is a living, breathing national emergency. Our president has repeatedly encouraged violence against his perceived enemies — and at least some of his supporters are following his lead. These are not isolated incidents. There are dozens of court cases where Donald Trump has been cited for “inspiring” acts of violence and other […]

Federal courts are in crisis caused by Trump-McConnell and by Democrats’ negligence

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The article linked here says Trump and McConnell’s Senate have packed the courts with right-wing extremists, but Democrats have NO PLAN to save the courts:   Trump’s nominees are MUCH MORE EXTREMIST on the Right Wing than other Republican presidents’ nominees. But Democrats treat them as “business as usual,” and Senate Minority Leader (DEMOCRAT) Chuck Schumer FAST-TRACKED their rapid approvals.  See this article:          

TRULY ALARMING comparisons between how Trump and Hitler gained power!

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An experienced and prominent civil rights lawyer lists 20 ways Trump is copying Hitler’s early rhetoric and policies. This is not a trivial rant, but rather a VERY SOLID AND SUBSTANTIVE comparison that is TRULY ALARMING! The title of the article I linked below is “Civil rights lawyer: 20 ways Trump is copying Hitler’s early rhetoric and policies.” The subtitle is “Civil liberties lawyer Burt Neuborne questions whether federal government can contain Trump and GOP power grabs.” The author’s book says our nation’s checks and balances might not be enough to protect us from Trump’s Hitlerian rhetoric and policies based […]

184 House Republicans voted against protecting our elections from foreign interference!

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The Mueller Report and much other compelling evidence have proved foreign nations have interfered with elections in the USA.  Any decent, patriotic American would want our elections to be clean and free from foreign meddling.  But Trump allowed it in 2016, and he publicly said he would allow it in 2020 too. On July 15, 2019, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the “Securing America’s Federal Elections Act” (the SAFE Act) by a vote of 225 to 184.  All of the 184 who VOTED AGAINST secure elections were Republicans. See this:  

Trump is PSYCHIATRICALLY UNFIT, so let’s use 25th Amendment to remove Trump!

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Certainly Congress must impeach Trump because he has repeatedly violated the Constitution in so many ways and repeatedly broken so many federal laws. The Constitution provides an additional remedy that high-ranking federal officials must pursue.  The Constitution’s 25th Amendment calls for another remedy when high level governmental officials determine that a president is physically or mentally unfit to continue in office. Many psychologists and psychiatrists have publicly stated that Trump has serious psychological or psychiatric problems that make him too dangerous or too unfit to be president.   HERE IS SOME INFORMATION:   Trump is crazy, so we must use […]

Thom Hartmann’s 10-minute video says TRUMP IS SERIOUSLY MENTALLY ILL.

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The problem is not just that Trump is wrong on the issues.  The more serious reality is that TRUMP IS SERIOUSLY MENTALLY ILL. Trumps serious mental illness has made the U.S. a MUCH WORSE place than before he took office. He is deliberately provoking racism and violence against vulnerable people.  He has targeted and abused Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, LGBTQ people, poor people, the working class, and other vulnerable people because he is a bully, and bullies attack vulnerable people.  His mental illness and corruption have hurt our economy in many ways. His serious mental illness has RECKLESSLY ENDANGERED PLANET […]

These short videos call for impeaching Trump.

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In just 32 seconds, this video shows Robert Mueller giving clear answers to questions about Trump’s behavior:   In a little more than 2 minutes, this video provides more compelling information based on Mueller’s investigation.  It briefly explains why Congress ABSOLUTELY MUST impeach Trump.  U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib provided this video:   In 4 1/2 minutes, Robert Reich explains convincingly why we absolutely must impeach Trump in order to protect the Constitution and the separation of powers, to prevent tyranny, etc..  This short video explains that our nation’s founders created the Constitution in order to prevent tyranny.  They […]