The U.S. Deserves Its Own Nuremberg Trials

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This smart, insightful article deserves to be read widely and acted upon:        

Militarism is the U.S.’s national religion!

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A retired Air Force officer who was raised Catholic wrote this powerful article. It deserves to be read widely. Here it is:        

Korea: Recent information, insights and recommendations

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Diplomacy with North Korea should include reuniting families separated in the early 1950s. See this article:   Urge Congress to finally END the Korean War, which has never been officially ended. Most Americans — and probably most members of Congress — do not know that THE KOREAN WAR WAS NEVER OFFICIALLY ENDED.  A truce was proclaimed about 70 years ago, but the war is OFFICIALLY still underway.  NOW WE MUST FORMALLY AND EXPLICITLY END THE WAR! The Korean Peninsula needs stable peace.  On June 30, 2019, Trump visited North Korea, which was a positive step, but nobody trusts Trump […]

Urge Congress to pass “No First Use” legislation to prohibit starting a nuclear war — and other bills opposing nuclear weapons!

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SUPPORT the “No First Use” bills: The U.S. Constitution explicitly states that only Congress can declare war, but since 1945 presidents have claimed the de facto power to start the most horribly destructive war possible without any congressional approval, and Congress has allowed that unconstitutional power to persist. We must restore the Constitution – especially now during the Trump era. • S.200 and H.R. 669 are companion bills. • S. 272 and H.R. 921 are companion bills. Senator Markey and Rep. Lieu introduced Senate and House legislation (S. 200 and H.R. 669) that would limit Trump’s (or any subsequent president’s) […]

Presidential candidates MUST pledge “No First Use” of nuclear weapons! But CNN’s debate journalist BIASED his question about this.

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Most Americans want a “No First Use” protection against starting a nuclear war.  But during an early August 2019 presidential debate, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked about it in an extremely biased and deceptive way by referring to “No First Use” as “tying the President’s hands.” Actually, “No First Use” is REQUIRED BY THE U.S. CONSTITUTION, which explicitly says ONLY CONGRESS has the authority to declare war.  However, since 1945 a de facto loophole has existed in which a president has grabbed the power to start the biggest war of all — a NUCLEAR WAR — without getting Congress to declare […]

Russian nuclear-powered missile explodes, kills people, and contaminates area. We must STOP the new arms race!

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This outrageous accident on August 8, 2019, should be yet another wake-up call to the whole world.  We must abolish nuclear weapons! Nuclear warheads are placed on missiles, but Russia designed a missile that itself is powered by a small nuclear reactor onboard.  This power source would enable Russia’s nuclear missile to stay aloft for a very long time and attack a target anywhere in the world. On August 8, 2019, one of these missiles blew up, killed some scientists and engineers, and contaminated the nearby geographical area.  Russia designed this horrible nuclear-powered missile in order to overcome the U.S.’s […]

Military spending HURTS job creation. Lavishing billions on the Pentagon does NOT help employment.

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For more than half a century, economists have been PROVING that military spending does NOT create jobs. A billion dollars spent on education, housing, health, or other civilian activities creates MORE jobs than spending that billion dollars on the military. Indeed, a sentence way down in the article linked below says:  “Military spending actually proved to be the worst job creator of any federal government spending option those researchers analyzed.” If we want jobs, we should CUT military spending and INCREASE spending for worthwhile civilian activities. Now after more than half a century of articles reporting these findings, here is […]

The world is uniting for international law, against US empire.

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The world is uniting for international law, against US empire. Below I have linked an informative article (Aug 12, 2019, by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers) that focuses especially on the U.S.’s failure to overthrow Venezuela’s government.  It mentions the Non-Aligned Movement as a mobilizing force. Besides opposing the U.S.’s “regime-change” efforts, the article also opposes the U.S.’s cruel economic sanctions against many nations, and it upholds international law. Here is the interesting, informative article:

TRULY ALARMING comparisons between how Trump and Hitler gained power!

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An experienced and prominent civil rights lawyer lists 20 ways Trump is copying Hitler’s early rhetoric and policies. This is not a trivial rant, but rather a VERY SOLID AND SUBSTANTIVE comparison that is TRULY ALARMING! The title of the article I linked below is “Civil rights lawyer: 20 ways Trump is copying Hitler’s early rhetoric and policies.” The subtitle is “Civil liberties lawyer Burt Neuborne questions whether federal government can contain Trump and GOP power grabs.” The author’s book says our nation’s checks and balances might not be enough to protect us from Trump’s Hitlerian rhetoric and policies based […]

U.S. has committed more “crimes against humanity and more genocide than any other nation since World War II

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The article at this link —–We-Will-Break-by-Dennis-Kaiser-Breaking-All-The-Rules_Investigation-190324-34.html — provides powerful information. The article explains the U.S. government’s hostility to human rights and international law.  The U.S. government is antagonistic toward the International Criminal Court (ICC). A summary says this: No country in the post WWII era has committed so many crimes against humanity, and supported so many genocides, as the United States of America. And in summary, no other part of the world has murdered more people on our planet, than Europe. And most North Americans are descendants of the Europeans. The ‘foreign policy’ of the US is directly derived from […]

Thom Hartmann’s 10-minute video says TRUMP IS SERIOUSLY MENTALLY ILL.

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The problem is not just that Trump is wrong on the issues.  The more serious reality is that TRUMP IS SERIOUSLY MENTALLY ILL. Trumps serious mental illness has made the U.S. a MUCH WORSE place than before he took office. He is deliberately provoking racism and violence against vulnerable people.  He has targeted and abused Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, LGBTQ people, poor people, the working class, and other vulnerable people because he is a bully, and bullies attack vulnerable people.  His mental illness and corruption have hurt our economy in many ways. His serious mental illness has RECKLESSLY ENDANGERED PLANET […]

On Aug. 2, 2019, Trump’s withdrawal from the INF treaty went into effect.

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On October 20, 2018, Trump announced that he was unilaterally pulling the U.S. out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, effective on August 2, 2019. That is today. See this information from the Quaker-based lobby Friends Committee on National Legislation ( Our local Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear weapons is part of the statewide coalition, Washington Against Nuclear Weapons (, which was created by Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility ( See their e-mail from August 2, most of which I have copied here: Withdrawing from the INF Treaty is Bad for Our Health Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility […]

Does Trump think he would win a nuclear war? The Pentagon agrees with him!

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Trump’s threats of using nuclear weapons in Afghanistan (recently) and North Korea and elsewhere are not merely his own psychologically distorted fantasies. Trump’s threats also reflect several decades of official thinking and planning in the Pentagon – and the purposes of some of the new nuclear weapons that the U.S. has been building for several decades. Just recently the Joint Chiefs of Staff wrote this in a formal document:  “Using nuclear weapons could create conditions for decisive results and the restoration of strategic stability. Specifically, the use of a nuclear weapon will fundamentally change the scope of a battle and […]

Democratic Party FAILS TO CHALLENGE Trump’s foreign policy!

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Many times every day now I receive e-mails from various parts of the Democratic Party asking me to donate money.  Their opening request invites me to choose my favorite presidential candidates — and sometimes to identify the issues that I care about the most. They list many DOMESTIC issues (jobs, gay rights, college debt, etc.), but ALMOST NEVER ASK ABOUT FOREIGN POLICY or the federal budget’s domination by military spending or the U.S.’s perpetual violations of human rights around the world. This implies that THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS WILLING TO GO ALONG WITH TRUMP’S FOREIGN POLICY! A few of these […]

Groups working to reduce gun violence ALWAYS NEGLECT to oppose war and military violence, which set the tone for gun violence within the U.S.

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Just now I responded to an e-mail survey sent out by a prominent nationwide non-profit org that works to reduce gun violence throughout the U.S. They asked what their top priority should be. I said they should work to stop all of the U.S.’s war’ and de-militarize our foreign policy. I told them that the U.S.’s addiction to war and military violence create a culture that assumes shooting people is a good way to solve problems. The U.S.’s persistent militarism sets the tone for gun violence within the U.S. This really is “the elephant in the room” that the anti-gun […]