URGENT! Tell WA State Senate to pass SJM 8006 to Prevent Nuclear War

March 8, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

We got a WA State Senate committee to pass a resolution calling upon Congress to take a sensible step to prevent nuclear war. But it is stuck in the Senate Rules Committee. We must move SJM 8006 from the Senate Rules Committee to the Senate Floor for a vote by next Wednesday March 13, 2019, so it can move on to the House. PLEASE contact members of the WA State Senate Rules Committee.  Phone numbers are on this list:  http://leg.wa.gov/Senate/Committees/RULE/Pages/MembersStaff.aspx  Also — if SJM 8006 goes to the Senate Floor, contact your WA state senators.  See their names and contact […]

Interesting information — and some satire — about Trump’s “Wall”

March 7, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

Watch this brilliant, funny, VERY SHORT video about “walls” : https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/2/6/1832784/-New-Mexico-s-new-governor-releases-hilariously-quirky-video-literally-busting-thru-Trump-s-wall?detail=emaildkre   Here is another great 1-minute satirical video about Trump’s “wall emergency” : http://www.markfiore.com/january-march-2019/2019/2/20/its-a-wall-emergency?ss_source=sscampaigns&ss_campaign_id=5c78396f17d9610001979274&ss_email_id=5c784314b6eaa40001713af4&ss_campaign_name=New+Animation%3A+Stormy+Summit+and+A+Wall+Emergency&ss_campaign_sent_date=2019-02-28T20%3A24%3A42Z   Beto O’Rourke’s good video about immigrants and Trump’s insane border wall: Although Beto O’Rourke (from Texas) is not very progressive about some things (e.g., he is very subservient to big business), he has good values related to protecting human rights, and he is eager to reach out to the public on behalf of minorities, immigrants, and other folks whose human rights are in danger.  This 7-minute video is good:  https://www.msnbc.com/all-in/watch/the-border-has-never-been-as-safe-and-secure-as-it-is-now-1442974787669   Trump’s thinking is […]

NEWS — DANGER — OPPORTUNITY re: Military Draft

March 1, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

A federal judge rules it’s unconstitutional to register ONLY men for the military draft. For a long time before that decision, the federal government had been studying what to do about the draft: — Register women too — Require mandatory “national service” in military or civilian jobs — Abolish the draft altogether. I’ve been following this closely, and there is no indication yet what decision the federal inquiry will propose. Now that a federal judge has ruled it unconstitutional to register only men, this forces the issue into one of the options listed above. See this article: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/02/24/military-draft-judge-rules-male-only-registration-unconstitutional/2968872002/   MORE […]

Good news from Olympia on nuclear weapons!

February 25, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

I’m happy about what we accomplished on Friday February 22, 2019, at a Washington State Senate committee. Our statewide coalition, Washington Against Nuclear Weapons (www.wanwcoalition.org) convinced the State Senate’s Committee on Government, Tribal Relations & Elections to pass our proposal for the Washington State Legislature to call upon Congress to reduce the likelihood of nuclear war. In June 2018 Olympia’s Bob Zeigler suggested that we write and promote such legislation in the form of a “Memorial to Congress” that would make nuclear weapons an issue needing state legislative action and pressuring our state’s congressional delegation to know that the public […]

TUES FEB 26: Speakers with short film about “Golden Rule” sailboat opposing nuclear weapons

February 25, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

The “Golden Rule” is a famous sailboat that has a long history of opposing nuclear weapons. Watch a short film about it and hear speakers. TUESDAY FEBRUARY 26, 7:00 pm at Traditions Café, 5th & Water, downtown Olympia. Jim Woods <jimandvelma1981@gmail.com>, a local member of Veterans for Peace chapter #109, is Olympia’s organizer of this event. See information from Zoe Byrd zoe2byrdz@gmail.com below: The tour starts tomorrow in Chico, so I will be able to get you all of the promo materials on Saturday or Sunday. Along with the screening of “Making Waves,” we will be 2 speakers: myself, Zoe […]

Trump will start a war against Iran UNLESS we STOP him!

February 4, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

Trump has been laying out the steps for starting a war against Iran: He has  been lying about Iran. He pulled out from the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA), which had been working well. He hired John Bolton to be his National Security Advisor.  For many years Bolton has vigorously urged war against Iran. He hired John Pompeo, an anti-Iran hawk, to be his Secretary of State. He ordered the Pentagon to develop plans for a war against Iran. He is subservient to Israel and Saudi Arabia, both of which want a war against Iran. Congress has failed to take strong […]

Urge Congress to pass “No First Use” legislation to restrict nuclear war

January 30, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

SUPPORT the “No First Use” bills. S.200 and H.R. 669 are companions. Senator Markey and Rep. Lieu introduced Senate and House legislation that would limit Trump’s (or any subsequent president’s) ability to launch nuclear weapons. Their legislation would prohibit any U.S. President from launching a nuclear first strike without a declaration of war by Congress. The U.S. Constitution explicitly states that only Congress can declare war, but since 1945 presidents have claimed the de facto power to start the most horribly destructive war possible without any congressional approval, and Congress has allowed that unconstitutional power to persist. We must restore […]

Why the U.S. House must push for VERY BOLD changes, not merely bi-partisan deals

January 25, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

Moderates want House Democrats to settle for bi-partisan deals with the Republican-dominated Senate. If the House Democrats do that, they will be rebuffing the voters who gave them a mandate for VERY BOLD changes. They also will FAIL TO IDENTIFY how progressive Democrats are much better than conservative Republicans. Even if the Senate fails to pass VERY BOLD House legislation, the points will be made, and 2020’s voters will see who is really on their side, vs. who is on the side of the oppressors. https://www.thenation.com/article/democrats-congress-fundamental-reforms/?link_id=7&can_id=1d662460c0abb8939c5044c82927552b&source=email-pledge-update-for-bold-reforms-naacp-protest-yemen-vote-populism-wins-roma&email_referrer=email_468235&email_subject=pledge-update-for-bold-reforms-naacp-protest-yemen-vote-populism-wins-roma

Trump is trying to overthrow Venezuela’s democracy!

January 25, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

Trump is continuing the century-long and bi-partisan attempts of the U.S. government to oppose honest democracy and human rights in Latin America.  Now Trump is trying to overthrow Venezuela’s democracy! Trump has unilaterally declared a coup to overthrow Venezuela’s democracy.  Trump is recognizing the head of Venezuela’s opposition as “interim president.”  Trump’s example means WE – or ANY NATION – could simply ignore Trump and RECOGNIZE NANCY PELOSI AS THE PRESIDENT of the U.S. READ THIS SHORT ARTICLE:  https://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/01/23/fears-us-backed-coup-motion-trump-recognizes-venezuela-opposition-lawmaker-interim?cd-origin=rss&utm_term=Fears%20of%20US-Backed%20%27Coup%27%20in%20Motion%20as%20Trump%20Recognizes%20Venezuela%20Opposition%20Lawmaker%20as%20%27Interim%20President%27&utm_campaign=A%20US-Backed%20Coup%20in%20Venezuela%20%7C%20News%20%2526%20Views&utm_content=email&utm_source=Daily%20Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&cm_mmc=Act-On%20Software-_-email-_-A%20US-Backed%20Coup%20in%20Venezuela%20%7C%20News%20%2526%20Views-_-Fears%20of%20US-Backed%20%27Coup%27%20in%20Motion%20as%20Trump%20Recognizes%20Venezuela%20Opposition%20Lawmaker%20as%20%27Interim%20President%27 SIGN THIS PETITION – and phone your U.S. Senate and House members:  https://afgj.salsalabs.org/opposeusregimechangeeffortsinvenezuela/index.html?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=e451c469-44eb-4427-8c6a-2cffd45cd00c   More than 70 scholars join Noam Chomsky […]

PREVENT Trump from attacking Iran.

January 21, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

During his presidential campaign and ever since his inauguration, Trump has told malicious lies and expressed hatred toward Iran.  He has been threatening war.   Trump appointed as his National Security Advisor John Bolton, the extremely poorly informed hate-monger who has a very long history of extreme animosity toward Iran. On April 1, 2018, I posted to this blog an article about Bolton’s horribly cruel and wrong views.  See this blog post:  http://parallaxperspectives.org/john-bolton-will-push-trump-into-wars-and-more-violent-foreign-policy Here is more information about Bolton’s extreme views:  https://www.thenation.com/article/apocalypse-soon-john-bolton-set-to-replace-hr-mcmaster-as-national-security-adviser/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Weekly%2003232018&utm_term=weekly   In April 2018 I compiled this list of four articles about John Bolton: “John Bolton is a […]

Stop Trump’s reckless, expensive militarization of space

January 20, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

In 1983 Edward Teller, “the father of the H-bomb,” spoke privately with President Reagan and convinced him to support a scheme to shoot down other countries’ missiles, and Reagan publicly announced that he would build such a system.  Unfortunately, the scheme was TOTALLY UNWORKABLE, and Reagan publicly committed himself to that screwy scheme WITHOUT CONSULTING WITH ANY SCIENTISTS. Critics lambasted the “Strategic Defense Initiative” (SDI) as ridiculously unrealistic and horribly expensive.  They derisively called it “Star Wars.” For all of the decades since then, presidents and Congresses of BOTH political parties have lavishly funded this scheme, which has REPEATEDLY FAILED […]

SIGN UP NOW for 6 workshops on Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing, Saturday mornings 10 am in Olympia

January 18, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

Yes, YOU can make significant progress on the issues you care about if you gain more insights into Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing. I’m offering my excellent series of 6 workshops on “Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing” on 6 consecutive Saturday mornings (February 9 through March 16) from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon in one participant’s home at a convenient location about a mile east of downtown Olympia. Please sign up now. Phone me at (360) 491-9093 or e-mail me at glenanderson@integra.net. I am donating my time for FREE and invite voluntary sliding-scale donations to cover the cost of printing the many excellent handouts. […]

Beyond reforms, we must demand the ABOLITION of nuclear weapons!

January 18, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

The peace movement and other people working against nuclear weapons are FAR TOO TIMID in how we work on nuclear weapons.  In order to make progress we must demand the ABOLITION of nuclear weapons, not merely seek reforms and limitations. We have identified and worked for many reforms and limitations, such as: A “No First Use” policy to prevent the U.S. from starting a nuclear war Taking away the president’s sole authority to launch without a congressional declaration of war (except in retaliation) Preventing the total rebuild of all nuclear weapons, which Obama authorized and Trump is pursuing too Preventing […]

Here is a strategically smart way toward abolishing nuclear weapons and converting to a peaceful foreign policy.

January 5, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

Please see the one-page document I wrote at the link below. Nuclear weapons persist after 70+ years because they are rooted in the same deep-seated problems that plague U.S. foreign policy overall. In order to abolish nuclear weapons, we must see the deeply entrenched problems that have propped up nuclear weapons – and also propped up U.S. foreign policy overall. For that purpose, I created the attached document that could guide a group discussion (or even individual thoughtfulness) toward devising strategically smart ways to move toward peace. I’d be happy to facilitate a discussion in order to help the Olympia […]