Universal Single-Payer: UPDATES

June 3, 2018 GlenAnderson 0

Momentum keeps building nationwide and in various states to create Universal Single-Payer health care.  Some people refer to it as “Medicare for All.”  There are different variations, but the basic principles are simple: — EVERYBODY has a right to high quality health care. — Instead of insurance companies interfering and skimming off profits, the government pays the bills through an efficient system like Medicare has. — You still get to choose your health care providers, but they are freed from the nightmare of arguing with insurance companies and managing complex billing arrangements that are different for each insurance company.  This […]

9 Ways Authoritarianism Is Taking Hold Under Trump

May 31, 2018 GlenAnderson 0

As you know, I read a huge amount of information.  Thom Hartmann’s article at the link below consolidates much solid information into CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT information that the American people need to understand. Trump and Trumpism are imposing horrible authoritarianism upon the U.S.  This is an extremely serious — actually existential — danger to American freedom and constitutional democracy. Trump’s authoritarianism abuses many aspects of American society. The article below connects many of the issues we care about, including peace, social justice, environment/climate, economics, and so forth.  The article ends with a call for nonviolent organizing to rise up against Trump’s […]

An 11-point Agenda for America’s Economic Future

May 23, 2018 GlenAnderson 0

Progressives spend much time protesting what we oppose. We should spend much more time organizing to accomplish what we want instead. Here is a good example for progressive economic and social justice: See the 11-point Agenda for America’s Economic Future at this link: http://campaignforamericasfuture.org/?link_id=4&can_id=1d662460c0abb8939c5044c82927552b&source=email-pledge-news-hightower-lowdown-pledge-issue&email_referrer=email_358386&email_subject=pledge-news-hightower-lowdown-pledge-issue Read Jim Hightower’s supportive article about the Agenda for America’s Economic Future at this link: https://hightowerlowdown.org/article/economic-agenda/?link_id=0&can_id=1d662460c0abb8939c5044c82927552b&source=email-pledge-news-hightower-lowdown-pledge-issue&email_referrer=email_358386&email_subject=pledge-news-hightower-lowdown-pledge-issue

Bold Economic Strategy to Create Jobs, Fund Infrastructure & Health & Climate, etc.

April 29, 2018 GlenAnderson 0

Our nation needs many expensive remedies, including jobs, education, health, infrastructure, protection for our environment and climate, etc. Politicians keep saying we can’t afford them.  They are WRONG because they are trapped in the conventional misunderstandings about economics, the federal budget, etc.  They assume that taxes are the starting point, and we can’t increase taxes. Actually, the starting point is CREDIT.  Banks create money out of thin air by issuing loans with promises that the loans will be repaid later.  The federal government already has the authority to increase spending through a method that is more bold than mere Keynesianism.  […]

“Voter-Owned Elections: Replace Special Interests’ Big-Money Financing.” This is necessary in order to really solve our nation’s health care crisis.

March 23, 2018 GlenAnderson 0

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s November 2009 TV program is still timely now! It focuses on how big money has corrupted our elections, so we need to empower voters to replace the “special interests” that fund our elections. As a case study about this, we pay special attention to our grossly inadequate health care system. Universal Single-Payer would be a much better alternative to our current system, but insurance and pharmaceutical companies pay big money to political candidates in order to prevent the government from replacing our current bad system with a great alternative. To watch the interview with two […]

Sign up for online training to advocate for Single-Payer health care

January 24, 2018 GlenAnderson 0

Many people want universal single-payer health care but feel they don’t know enough about it. Many people would like to become more effective in explaining it to people and advocating for it. Here is an opportunity to learn more.  Sign up for online training offered by a great non-profit organization that I’ve been supporting.  It’s “Healthcare-NOW.”  Their training will go over the healthcare crisis in the United States, misconceptions about our high healthcare costs, and single payer policy, equipping you to answer questions from legislators, coalition partners, and the public. It will also take you step-by-step through researching healthcare policy […]

Universal Single-Payer health care would have kept my family member alive

January 23, 2018 GlenAnderson 0

The U.S. has a screwy health care system that makes most people’s health care dependent upon their employment.  They might get health care if they have a good job with benefits.  But if they get laid off from their jobs, they lose health care. In contrast, all other modern industrial nations recognize health care as a basic human right, and their governments fund efficient, high quality health care for every person regardless of employment status. The U.S.’s failure to have Universal Single-Payer health care caused my cousin’s son to DIE. My cousin’s son had a job with medical benefits.  He […]

I offer a 6-session workshop series on “Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing”

November 21, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

Nonviolence is more than ethical.  It is very practical too. Our community, nation and world have serious problems that can be solved only by Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing. Therefore, I’m offering a practical series of 6 interactive workshops with plenty of handouts. These workshops can empower you and others to organize nonviolently at the grassroots to solve problems and make our world a better place. The participants could be interested in a variety of issues, or I could adapt the series to focus on one issue (e.g., abolishing nuclear weapons, or creating universal single-payer health care, or raising the minimum wage […]

TV: “Clean Drinking Water: Global Problems and Local Solutions”

November 20, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

To watch this informative, inspiring 1-hour interview, click HERE. Dennis Mills, who is active with this activity and with the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation, wrote this summary of the Olympia FOR’s March 2015 TV program. Our March 2015 interview explores a problem that is very real but is largely hidden from most of us. Half of the people in the world lack access to safe water or sanitation. Every day, 2,000 children die from diarrhea caused by unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation. That is the equivalent of 100 kindergarten classes every day! Safe water is important for our world. […]

TV: “Why Universal Single-Payer Health Care Is the Real Solution”

November 15, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

The health care crisis is so timely now that the Olympia FOR’s August 2017’s program is the one we had aired during December 2015. Although Obama’s Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) helped in some ways, it has failed to cover many millions of Americans and failed to control costs. Republicans are trying to repeal the ACA for right-wing reasons. The real solution is universal single-payer health care, which other modern countries use to produce far better results at far lower cost. Olympia FOR’s August 2017 TV program – also watchable through our website – proposes universal single-payer as the real remedy […]