TV: “Local Government Fairness and Accountability”

December 2, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

How many people actually pay much attention to local governments’ detailed decisions about zoning, funding streets and sewers, and so forth? Hardly anyone pays attention – except those who have a direct financial stake in those decisions, such as real estate developers and other persons who have direct financial interests in local governments’ decisions. So what happens as a result? The “special interests” are able to exploit local governments to serve their narrow economic profits, while the rest of us never know that we are being ripped off. For example, the local elites that run many local governments and media […]

Print these anti-Trump labels. Attach them to envelopes you mail.

November 25, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

Stopping Trump’s abuses will require many nonviolent actions, including small decentralized actions such as sticking anti-Trump labels onto every envelope we mail.  Click the link below, print out this page of 30 labels onto a sheet of 1″ by 2 5/8″ labels, stick one label to the lower left corner of an envelope, and circle it in red ink before you mail it. CLICK THIS LINK: LABELS against Trump’s fascism

I offer a 6-session workshop series on “Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing”

November 21, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

Nonviolence is more than ethical.  It is very practical too. Our community, nation and world have serious problems that can be solved only by Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing. Therefore, I’m offering a practical series of 6 interactive workshops with plenty of handouts. These workshops can empower you and others to organize nonviolently at the grassroots to solve problems and make our world a better place. The participants could be interested in a variety of issues, or I could adapt the series to focus on one issue (e.g., abolishing nuclear weapons, or creating universal single-payer health care, or raising the minimum wage […]

TV: “Iran: Understanding the Realities — Achieving Peace”

November 20, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s September 2013 TV program about Iran is informative and still timely because of the U.S. government’s continuing hostility to that nation. Iran is often in the news, but much of what the US’s news media and politicians say grossly inaccurate. Much of it is mean-spirited and downright harmful. The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s September 2013 TV program: • Reviews Iran’s history • Provides for context for understanding what is really happening now. • Corrects some of the misinformation we’ve been hearing for many years. • Suggests more constructive ways to promote peace with Iran. This […]

TV: “Strengthen Democracy with a Community Rights Ordinance (CRO)”

November 20, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

To watch this interview, click HERE. To read a .pdf summary of what we said during the interview, click HERE. The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s April 2014 TV program takes a fresh look at democracy – specifically, how to make democracy more real and more vibrant by practicing it at the local level. We examine the growing movement for vibrant grassroots democracy through local efforts called “Community Rights Ordinances” – CROs. Our TV program’s three guests help us understand Community Rights Ordinances – and how we might adopt one locally, perhaps focusing on a specific concern such as sustainable local […]

TV: “TPP: A ‘Free Trade’ Scam Worse than NAFTA”

November 20, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

In mid-2014 Thurston Community Television (TCTV, was replacing its production equipment, so we repeated the great interview about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which we had aired in November 2013.  It was still relevant in 2014, so we aired it for our September 2014 program.  Public pressure had slowed down the TPP, but we had not yet stopped it.  “Free Trade” scams continue to be promoted by the U.S. government and big business. To watch this informative 1-hour interview, click HERE. To read thorough information about it — and see links to information sources — click HERE or HERE. Here […]

TV: “How to Talk Politics with People Different from You”

November 17, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s September 2015 TV program deals constructively with our na-tion’s political polarization. We explore practical ways to communicate across the political divide, so we can all move forward. When Americans have such sharply different values and worldviews, we lack a common starting point about what is real and true. This makes it hard to have rational conversations about controversial issues – and hard to solve public policy problems. Are we stuck with escalating polarization? Or can we find better ways to respect the basic humanity even of people with whom we disagree? Of course, when we […]

TV: “Support an Effective Public Sector”

November 17, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s March 2016 TV interview explores how a vibrant and effective public sector can serve the public interest. For a several decades – especially since Ronald Reagan’s era – we have been hearing anti-government rhetoric from politicians and other powerful interests who want to cut taxes in order to starve and shrink the public sector. Sometimes voters have gone along with that, cutting taxes and cutting governments’ abilities to meet needs. Those powerful interests also have pushed governments to sell public resources to private corporations (to “privatize” them) so they can reap private profits from activities […]

TV: “Nonviolent Grassroots Remedies for Our Current Crisis”

November 16, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

People who support human rights, civil liberties, environmental quality, the climate, and other humane values were stunned by the November 2016 election and fear radical damage to these aspects of our civilization and ecosystems. While the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s December 2016 TV program (see does an excellent job of helping people understand people’s feelings and other realities related to the election, our January 2017 TV program helps us figure out where to go from here. Many people fear radical damage to human rights, civil liberties, the environment, and other necessities, and so forth. Some people feel overwhelmed and […]

TV: “Reform Elections! Restore Democracy!”

November 16, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

Watch a 1-hour interview about how to improve democracy by reforming several aspects of our electoral systems. The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s July 2017 TV program explores how our nation conducts elections. We identify several kinds of problems and propose solutions that would increase democracy and fairness. The U.S. officially brags about being the world’s greatest democracy, but: • Voter turnout in the U.S. is low compared to other nations. • Rich people and big business fund campaigns that result in governmental corruption. • Most Americans express disgust that the people we elect do not represent us well. • People […]

TV: “Better Strategies about Democracy, Fossil Fuels, etc.”

November 15, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

Watch a 1-hour interview with two guests from the Seattle-based non-profit organization, the Sightline Institute (, who share their expertise about preventing fossil fuels’ damage to our environment and climate, organizing opposition to fossil fuels at local levels, reforming several aspects of our electoral systems in order to protect democracy from big money and partisan manipulation, etc.  Our guests are Tarika Powell and Margaret Morales.  They offer smart insights into the issues and how to reach out to the public and engage the public to help us work on the issues. This was Olympia FOR’s October 2017 TV program. To […]